Math Practice

Math practice is very important to help our children succeed at timed tests and just math in general. It is important that our kids understand that there are many shortcuts and tips that can help them while taking tests and doing homework. The Worksheet Factory has put together a few articles that you can share with your children to help them practice math.

Decimals Don’t Have to Be Confusing Working with decimals is very confusing for most people, children to adults. This confusion can become even overwhelming or paralyzing when they are taking a timed test, so it is important to prepare them as much as possible for their test to give them the confidence that they need. Hints and tips to help them deal with decimals can go a long way to helping them to do their best on their test and on their schoolwork from now on. What are some decimal tricks that you can share with your child? more

Hints and Tips to Make Division Easier Children are under the gun even more these days, due to the number of timed tests that most states require for children. These tests are something that are prepared for the entire school year, but it is still often overwhelming to be taking a timed test. During this stressful time, it is often the simplest of skills that children forget, like division, but if you arm them with little hints and tricks, you can decrease their stress and give them more confidence when they are taking their test. Here are some tricks that you can teach your child to help them with their more

Making Fractions Easier Fractions are one of the most difficult parts of math, even for adults. Can you imagine what your child is feeling when they are taking a timed test that includes fractions? Overwhelmed and stressed may be two words that describe how they are feeling, as well as confused and unsure. By giving them some easy to use fraction tips, you can help them to gain confidence in their own abilities and make them more comfortable taking a timed test. What are some easy to use and learn fraction tips that you can share? more

Multiplication Hints Can Save Your Child Time and Worry Taking timed tests can be quite overwhelming for kids, which can leave them overwhelmed with basic math facts that they should know backwards and forwards. By teaching them some math shortcuts, you can help them in not wasting time on basic mathematical facts and can give them some confidence in knowing how to find answers without counting on their fingers, etc. What are some basic multiplication shortcuts and hints that can help your child on their next timed test? more

Subtracting Made Easier Math is often a difficult subject for children, especially when they are under the gun of a timed test. By giving them little hints and tips to make the process easier or to check their answers, you will instill confidence in them and help them to not be so overwhelmed when they are taking their test. Subtraction is a basic skill that children have to know to do almost any type of math, but when they are overwhelmed or stressed it can be a skill that they take for granted, which can cause them to rush and possibly miss math problems. By giving them some subtraction hints and tips, you can help with more