Subtracting Made Easier with Math Practice

Math is often a difficult subject for children, especially when they are under the gun of a timed test. By giving them little hints and tips to make the process easier or to check their answers, you will instill confidence in them and help them to not be so overwhelmed when they are taking their test. Subtraction is a basic skill that children have to know to do almost any type of math, but when they are overwhelmed or stressed it can be a skill that they take for granted, which can cause them to rush and possibly miss math problems. By giving them some subtraction hints and tips with a little Math Practice , you can help with this.

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One rule that you will want to start with is that any number minus the same number is zero. This is a basic tip, but a very important one to help them to make the most of their time. See the example below.

Math Practice Subtraction

Another trick that you can share with your children is to change a hard problem to an easy one. This is especially true when they it is necessary to borrow or carry in a math problem. By changing one of the numbers in the problem to one that ends in zero, it will make it much simpler for your child to solve and to recheck their work. An example is below.

Math Practice Subtraction

In the first example, since we added two to the problem, we still need to add 2 to the total, as you did when you changed the number, which would make the total 25. This may sound confusing, but the more that you work at it with your child, the more they will understand and be able to take advantage of this trick.

In the second example, you do it the same way, except that you subtract the difference between the changed number and answer to get your true answer. You do the same thing to the answer that you are doing to the problem.

Still another helpful hint is to treat subtraction problems like an addition problem missing an addend. This can make subtracting make more sense to your child as well, because they will be able to see the connection between addition and subtraction.

5-3 = “Say, what plus 3 equals 5?” and the answer is 2
8-2 = “Say, what plus 2 equals 8?” and the answer is 6

By helping them to sound out the problem, they will be able to work them in their head and ensure that their problems are correct.

The key to helping them be as comfortable as possible with subtraction when they are taking a timed test is to practice, practice, and practice. This means practicing the hints and tricks that you are helping them learn as well as doing some timed math practice, so they will know what to expect. Working with your child will allow them to feel more comfortable when they are taking a timed test and give them more confidence, which will allow them to do their best. Go through all of the hints and tips that you can find to allow them to find the one(s) that will work for them and their own mathematical style. You and your child can do it!